imageshe’s the devil in the black vans and the raybans.
the low life with the skinny jeans and cigarette stained teeth.
she knows what makes you tick, but she knows just what’ll give you cold feet.
she’ll spit words that’ll drive anyone insane.
she’ll do anything to just fuck with your brain.
she knows just what she has to do to watch you tremble.
but she’ll smile as you do and say “relax, I’m just being gentle”
don’t get it mistaken, she doesn’t want you and she doesn’t even need you.
but she’ll have you screaming her name in ecstasy and have you believing it’ll always be just you two.
but it never will be, because once she’s done she’ll escort you out of her apartment door and tell you goodbye.
as the door slams, you come down from that bittersweet high.
now you see yourself stranded in your own hell. you allowed yourself to be entranced by her spell.
because the next time your phone rings, you’ll tell yourself not this time.
but you’ll only find yourself on the floor of her bedroom in the next hour committing the same goddamn crime.