imageWe were just two souls trying to find happiness in each other’s bodies.
We explored each other like maps and traced our fingertips along the cities that laid across our bare bodies.
It was just you and I, hiding in the corners of your room, playing hide & go seek as we searched for love amongst us.
The world was our own private playground, and you were there by my side, holding my hand like a little schoolboy helplessly in love.
You were my body’s tourist and I was your tour guide, guiding you through the climaxes and gasps in the air to the fast beat of my heart.
You trembled as you tried to express the words you wanted to say, but the way your breath intensified as you touched me said it all.
And when it was all over, you laid next to me and said “I feel like I’ve traveled the world with you.”
And so we did, we traveled the world that we could grab with our bare hands; the world that was our bodies and our hearts.
After all we were just two souls looking for happiness, even if it was under your tropical blanket.