you seem to be playing hide and go seek with the sun as the clouds rain over your bruised body.

you’re covered in dirt and leaves, screaming “come out, come out wherever you are.”

But all you ever get in return is the echo of thunder as it booms in your ears.

All you ever want to feel is the warmth of the sun penetrate your very skin, but it seems as if the chances have become very slim. 

Each peek of the sun’s rays becomes a newfound hope, just a small step closer.

But it seems to be pulled away from your own eyes as you extend your arms towards the very light you crave.

It’s too painful to keep going, why would you keep going, when the thunder pops your ears and the rocks under your feet begin to puncture your skin?

Your hazel eyes begin to well up with water, just like the grey clouds above you.

A tear falls onto the very floor and all you could hear was a plop.

The rain seems to stop.

In the very corner of your eyes, you could see the sun’s light as it makes shadows dance around you.

You start to scream “come out, come out wherever you are.”

Thunder begins to rumble above you as loud as ever and you begin to shiver.

Your heart palpitates, and your eyes become wide, but all you could tell yourself was, “run”.

Clouds chase after you, and thunder starts to roar but there you were…finally standing in front of the sunshine you have craved all along.

You took yourself this far.

Your body has bruised and you’ve fallen in fear almost every time.

But you finally allowed yourself to run from the clouds, and for the first time in years the rocks under your feet didn’t seem to hurt anyway.