With her legs wrapped around my waist, she whispered “love me as I am, & take me as I am, for no one else ever has.”
Her expression seemed so innocent, she was in love with who I was, how couldn’t I take her for what she was?
I smiled as gently and selflessly as I could, and uttered the words “don’t you ever worry.”
And what she said next, I never seemed to grasp with my bare hands.
“Don’t ever break my heart, I beg of you.”
I looked at the tears that began to form in her eyes & with a caress to her skin and goosebumps running down mine, I said, “I never will, I promise.”
She hugged me as tightly as ever and confessed her love for me as I writhed in pain with every word she said.
Because as the words I spoke escaped my lips, each one began to break mine, and all I heard was the way my own heart shattered.