Like a snake, she slithers her way to me.
And with her eyes as wide as saucers, she falls down to her knees.
Time seems to slow down, and people seem to freeze.
The darkest soul in the room gasps aloud and says, “save me please.”
And as I watch her breathe for the last bits of air, I watch her begin to bleed.
Her wrists begin to ooze red and I watch her life escape the vessel that is her body.
Tears form in the pockets of her eyes, and with a broken voice, she says “I just needed somebody.”
Her body begins to fall to the side & I watch her with surprise.
She whispers a word that sent shivers down my spine, her eyes flutter and all she could mutter was “goodbye.”



  1. Akash V says:

    There’s something about this (and I’m not sure what) that feels so real; I can hear her screaming in pain but not being able to talk because of it, I see her wrists losing blood, and her losing life as the sentences go by one after the other. Great writing!

    1. I’ve had a pretty rough day today so for me to be able to get a comment on my writing makes my day, thank you so much for the feedback, it means so much.

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