Tongue out and eyes wide.
She got me all sorts of hypnotized.
Got men saying all sorts of prayers.
She’s about to make me lose air.
I can feel her blue eyes pierce my very soul from all the way across the room.
I could almost feel my impending doom.
Everyone knows she’s the darkest soul that’s tucked in a mini black dress.
& she has me in all sorts of distress.
But, look at the way she licks her lips.
How can you tell me to fucking resist?
She’s as dark as death but shines brighter than any light.
She’s the protagonist of every man’s dream while they sleep at night.
And with a drink in my hand, I slowly fall in love with the beauty on the dance floor, & I succumb.
Because just like any other drug, the darkest soul in the room entered my body and made me feel so damn numb.