You act like you love her, and you swear that you need her.
But darling, you just need someone to make you sweat out your fever.
Did you tell her you loved her from the moment you laid eyes on her?
Or are you gonna tell me it was all a blur?
You know, I don’t seem to understand.
Less than a year ago, you said your life without me would be so fucking bland.
But yet, you’re in the arms of another girl telling her the same.
Don’t you think your tricks are getting a little lame? 
Maybe you do love her, or perhaps you never will.
Because what you want, is the goddamn thrill.
So keep telling her she’s all you’ve ever wanted.
For your love will one day become sour and rotten.
And when it does, you’ll be just fine.
Because next summer, you’ll look at some girl you’ve met online for the thirteenth time, and say “honey, will you be mine?”