The darkness gives me hugs that my mother would never dare give me.
It holds me tight and succumbs me to it.
It tells me I’ll be okay, to embrace and love it with every inch of my soul.
It whispers in my ears, and tells me “you’re beautiful, I love you.”
It brings temporary peace into my heart, a remedy that only lasts for a couple minutes.
But I want more, so give me more.
Hug me tighter, please.
It laughs out loud and says “oh please you really think I’m good for you?”
It enters my soul and makes me feel emotions that one can’t possibly think of.
Anger. Sadness. Loneliness.
Who am I now?
Why am I bleeding?
Oh God, where are you?
I suffocate and I can’t breath.
The darkness enveloped itself in me and destroyed me from within.
It ravages my soul and feasts like a famished lion who has finally caught his prey for the day.
As it eats me from within, I squint and see the light just a few inches away from me.
I gasp and I gasp with the little piece of myself in me.
And I reach, but it only seems to get farther from me.
It starts to flicker and slowly the light buzzes out.
And there I am, in chains and my eyes as black as the night sky.
I can’t move, and I don’t think I ever will.
But with my soul no longer belonging to me, I smile to the overwhelming darkness & say “you’re beautiful, I love you.”