She bounces on the bed with her arms over her head and shouts “Gosh, isn’t this great?!”
The coke’s hitting her hard but she doesn’t seem to care when or how hard she’ll fall.
She doesn’t even seem to mind that she’s bouncing on a dirty bed in a motel room from Miami.
Because all that matters to her is the way she feels, so fucking happy.
I light up a cigarette, and proceed to inhale, watching that girl break hell.
I chuckle to myself and wish I was at her level but no amount of drugs could ever make me feel like I’m dancing with the Devil.
Pulling me out of my thoughts, she shouts, “I can’t feel my face!”
She plops down next to me and now she’s in a daze.
A daze so strong, her emotion almost resembles a blank one.
No longer was she having fun.
No longer was she entangled in euphoria.
All I could say was “relax, Victoria.”
But as she laid next to me, I observe the girl who looks like she’s straight from a dream.
With her nose all red and her eyes bright green, she whispers “do I look fine”?
& all I could say was “baby, you send chills down my spine.”