The beautiful loner

Bright red lipstick and dark black hair.
Manicured nails and the latest wear of Balmain.
When it came to her, looks really did kill.
She had it all…so it seemed.
But her eyes never seemed to shine.
She walked down the streets of her city looking for someone to love her, even if it meant dirty hookups on Saturday nights.
People knew her as the beautiful loner, for her eyes spoke volumes of loneliness, even when she was surrounded by hundreds.
Men wanted her & women wanted to be her.
But yet she drowned herself in alcohol and tears every night to get rid of the loneliness she felt.
She roamed around town alone, trying to look for the one who’ll fill her heart’s void.
She needed someone to love and all she knew was the burning sensation she felt after a shot, and another…and another.
Shot after shot, she kept realizing her love had always been right next to her, right on her bedside.
She loved it so much, the burning sensation of liquor burning down her throat just kept getting better & better.
She had finally found love and let it consume her from the inside, even if it killed her.