Holding her tears back, she asked, “do you still think about me?”
She looked at me & with frustration said, “tell me, do you?”
Once again, nothing but silence.
My silence was killing her, and both she and I knew it.
But if you could, you’d hear her heart breaking in pieces and breaking the silence.
I turned towards her and sadness immediately began to show all over her facial expression.
She begins to whimper, her lips start to quiver and tears begin to form in her eyes.
With pain, she clutches her hand to her heart, and with her voice breaking she leaves and shouts, ” I hate you, I swear I fucking hate you!”
& as I watched her leave I whispered “I love you like the night sky loves its stars and my heart misses you more and more with each passing day…but understand, I can’t watch you leave, not again”
& as the tears began to well up in my eyes, I said “I think about you so much it’s become poisonous”.