Moon & Stars

I sat with you on the corner of the bed that night & saw the moon & stars laid out in front of me.
Watching you just breathe left me out of breath, I couldn’t bear to handle such beauty & delicacy.
I heard you speak of your dreams and aspirations, with such a loud clarity in your voice, such power and such positivity.
I watched you while you waved your hands up in the air whenever you spoke on something you loved, all while that twinkle in your eyes stayed shinning.
I was mesmerized by who you were and wanted to be.
Watching you was like watching a movie, a movie that i wouldn’t mind watching 10,000 times over.
& as you began to get sleepy as you spoke, you brought me closer to you and held me as tight as I’ve ever been held.
You spoke about the wonders and mysteries of the world, chuckling and wondering how our mere existence didn’t even make sense sometimes.
All I could do was hear your words spill out of your mouth like music.
& as your voice began to drown out, your eyes began to flutter and you fell asleep.
& I must say that I have never been so in love with the way a person sleeps.
I chuckled to myself and kissed your forehead, wondering what I had ever done to have received a wonderful blessing like you.
Right then and there I realized I never had to do anything to receive you, love had you specially reserved for me.
Love had waited to let me enjoy the simple pleasures with you.
The simple pleasure of just being with you.
Fancy jewelry and moonlight dinners didn’t mean much because the best moments were this, watching you sleep with your body close to mine, seeing your face as you slept and hearing you breathe as slowly as ever.
& if you ever think about the way you sleep well just remember that seeing you was like watching the moon and starts laid out right in front of my eyes.