Paparazzi in the eyes of the famous, flashing away and breaching their privacy for our simple entertainment.
We’re blinded by the latest news of Kim Kardashian’s ass when in reality ‘ass’ is nothing new and nothing legendary but yet we’re excited to see her figure on the cover of a magazine.
We worry about how many ‘likes’ our selfies receive and how many comments our friend’s leave on our page.
We’ve become so immune to our own ignorance that nothing else seems to matter.
We’re so concerned about the latest trend when our world is crumbling before us.
But we all think it’ll be okay if we just upload a video pouring buckets of water on ourselves.
It’s for the cause, isn’t it?
We’re so obsessed with how we look, wasting thousands and millions of dollars to perfect oneself, to make someone “beautiful”.
We need the latest cars and the latest phones just to say relevant, because one is nothing without relevancy, right?
Women ‘twerk’ on camera and men fight just to prove who they are.
Girls fight to look just like Kylie Jenner without realizing how beautiful they are as themselves.
Boys try to be the strongest of them all and to never ever cry so they won’t seem ‘gay’….
But we all seem to forget we’re not robots…emotions exist in all.
But yet as I stare on my phone screen and read the latest gossip on the Internet, I realize the roles we play.
You think of roles from the movies and roles in theatrical plays, but honey, don’t you realize you’ve already fit one?
Society has become a huge show in which everyone stars, in which everyone plays a role.
For years to come, we will continue to play the role of the ‘gay kid’, the ‘tree hugger’, the ‘nerd’, the ‘slut’, the ‘bible thumper’ and many others one can’t possibly think of on the spot.
But as you try to find the perfect one for you, think about this…
Where’s the role to improvise?
Where’s the role to just be you?