“Show me some tits!”
“Show me some ass!”
“Show me what a fucking woman you are
Shall I have to degrade myself to show you I’m worth being called a woman?
Do I need to rock the highest heels and have the biggest breasts to show you I am a woman?
Do I need to fall hopelessly in love with boys and sit around and wait for my Prince Charming to show you I’m a woman?
Momma taught me to smile and be polite, to nod and say yes whenever I was told…because that’s what good girls did.
But what momma never knew was, I never wanted to.
I wanted to play with the boys and kick dirt, I wanted to be an astronaut one day and be a princess the next.
There was no narrow path to being a girl.
Because ‘being a girl’ never meant shit.
Don’t ever tell me being a girl means to wear bright red lipstick, or act like a dummy.
Don’t ever tell me women belong in the kitchen or belong to cater to everyone’s needs.
Because frankly, being a woman is the greatest power of them all.
Being a woman is power, it is love and independence all put together in one.
Yes, us women aren’t perfect.
Our weights fluctuate up and down like roller coasters, we cry when we’re sad and we scream when we’re mad.
Us women nurture and love but strike down when we need to.
Us women lust for our primal need, for sex and pleasure.
We get hungry and eat because we can.
But if I never did that, would you consider me a better woman?
Would I be the definition of classy and beautiful?
Well then, I guess your definitions don’t mean a thing because being a woman itself is as beautiful as could ever be.
Momma said to smile like a good girl but I said to stand up and be strong.
After all we bleed rosy red every month and endure pains to even function properly.
We cry and scream as babies are being pushed out of us.
We get stigmatized by society and are pushed down as a gender.
But yet, here we are…standing.
So don’t you dare ever tell me I need to stand up to your expectations to even be feminine because God damn, I’m a perfect woman in my own skin.
So show me your power and show me your strength.
Show me what a woman you are.