You have bought life into my garden.
The garden that was once destroyed.
You made it beautiful, as if it was the most prized masterpiece in the world.
My once withered flowers are now vibrant.
A garden of rainbows, flowers of every color and every species.
The flowers are abundant and the soil has now become rich.
You let warmth into my world, and stopped it from freezing away.
You nurtured my garden as if it was your baby, your child.
You let it grow into something any parent would ever be proud of.
The birds fly around peacefully in the sky, embracing your perfect balance of warmth and wind.
The bees now fly around my flowers, taking care of what you have given them, thanking you for their nutrients.
The flowers now bloom as beautiful as ever and open their petals right up to the sky, embracing what was once never there.
I walk along my garden, barefoot and free.
I smile and I look up and feel the peace enter my body, the peace that you have given me.
No longer do I roam around these gardens looking for a single seed and a drop of water from the sky.
No longer do I cry to see my garden for what it was worth.
God makes miracles, and my miracle was you.
What was once deemed ugly and dark is now the kingdom of light.
The kingdom created by you.