The kids

Just a bunch of cool kids on the block.
Sitting on the sidewalk on the streets of Here and There.
Holding brew and a blunt with their middle fingers shot up to the sky.
Watching them is like watching a movie.
Or watching the most unattainable thing you can never grasp your hands on.
Some hold their head with their hand as if they can’t even seem to contemplate anymore.
Some smile with their crooked smiles and cigarette stained teeth.
One dances and caresses her body as if music permanently plays in her head.
Others just sit there, watching the cars zoom by, seeing if anything will change.
These are the kids who walk through life with darkness and light all at the same time.
Who never seem to be sad but never seem to be content.
They strive for things in the corners of their bedrooms but wake up to the same cycle, never changing.
These are the kids who are sick and tired of it all, who just want a little fun but are too scared to even move.
These are the kids who drink till they’re drunk and smoke till they’re partying with the aliens.
The ones who are misunderstood by everyone, including themselves.
Everyone else strives to be like them, careless, fun, and young but if only they knew that they just want to know.
They want that knowledge, that wisdom, they never want to stop learning.
They will put their black stained fingers on anything, they just want to be relevant.
These are the kids who want to be loved and accepted.
So watch them as you’re driving down the road, and observe.
Observe those kids.
The kids sitting on the sidewalk on the streets of Here and There.