The butterflies in my tummy never stopped fluttering for you.
They seem to get more erratic every day.
The heartbeat my heart produces has never stopped beating as loudly as it has, for you.
It’s as if I can hear the beat drumming it up in my ears.
The goosebumps on my skin never fail to arise when you trace your fingertips along my lines and crevices.
It’s as if my body’s stuck on freezing mode; if only you knew I was burning on the inside with passion.
My brain has not stopped thinking.
You’re all it ever wants to think about.
You are embedded in every part of my brain, from every crevice to every receptor.
You are what gets me going.
The very one who raises me up from being dead with everyone else on the planet.
Life is technicolor with you in it.
Life seems to always play music, be bold and paint rainbows in the sky for us two.
We are the artists of our world together.
The sky is our canvas.
Each kiss, each touch and each “I love you” is a brush stroke across our canvas.
the sky is infinite.
Our art will never be quite finished.
Each day will be a new brush stroke, a new empty spot on that infinite canvas.
But please remember, I’ll stop loving you the day we fill up our infinite canvas with billions of our stars, billions of our galaxies and hundreds of our planets.
But don’t you ever worry, for our art will never be quite finished.