there you are.
laying in your bed at 2 am, thinking about how im doing.
your phone lights up and you hope it’s a 10 digit number saying “hey it’s me, I miss you”.
But instead it’s just an email.
you lay your phone back down by your side and you stare at the ceiling.
The wave of regret and sorrow rushes over you at 100 MPH.
you begin to feel queasy and your blood begins to boil.
You bite your lips so hard, they quiver.
why are you holding your tears back doll?
you turn over and bury your face into your sheets; the very sheets we once rolled around in.
you scream, the memory of me begins to creep up on you like the grim reaper over the dying.
you start to smell my aroma in the room, you imagine my black hair and the smile I gave you every time you looked at me.
I was your most valuable possession but you traded me in for what you thought was something even better.
But now look at you, you struggle to sleep every night now.
you can’t even have a day to yourself without an image of me popping up.
I destroyed you.
I destroyed you just like you destroyed me.
and you knew it.
you turn back over one more time and there’s the sun peeking in your window.
The nightmare is over, you’re no longer in the dark.
But it’s 6 am, the start of a new day.
The start of a new nightmare.