No longer

Shattered glass.
Bloody knees.
Broken smile.
Heart in half.
Darkness and sorrow fill up my lungs.
Take up every inch of my soul.
I walk in the rain with the halves of my heart in each hand.
My feet are bruised and cut from all the glass that I’ve walked through.
My eyes can longer produce the tears that my body so desperately needs to let go of.
The raindrops touching the surface of my skin feel nothing to me.
I drop my heart on the floor, halves beating against the pavement.
I’m numb. I am so numb.
My body’s so tired.
I am so tired of the beatings, of the bruises, of the smile I have to fake every single time.
The color in my eyes are dull, washed out.
The bags under my eyes remain a permanent shade of purple.
My once flawless skin has now turned into a canvas of bruises, sores and cuts.
One look at me, and you’ll break down.
One look at me and you’ll walk away.
One look at me will have you gasping for air.
Who I used to be has been destroyed.
Who I used to be rests in peace in the coffin of my mind.
No longer am I free.
I am enslaved in the shackles of my nonexistent remains.
I am not the girl I used to be.
The girl I used to be is no longer me.