cigarette stained lips and black fingertips is a representation of what I’ve become.
The circles under my eyes become darker and darker the longer I don’t have you.
nights become longer and days become shorter, time is no longer a factor in life if I don’t have you in it.
weak bones, pale skin and straw hair are my newfound beauty.
you have become everything I needed, everything I crave.
You are the poison that travels in my lungs and through my blood.
I need you.
You are my destruction whenever you aren’t with me.
you are the very cigarette that I crave.
your nicotine is what I absolutely need.
I can let you go, no matter how much it burns.
but at the end of it all, your smoke and burn create a fire in me.
it keeps me alive, it keeps me entangled in your web.
I’m in love with everything you offer.
I hold a lighter to you and I proceed to inhale.