Will you?

I’m scrambling to put back the little pieces that make up my heart, just for you. I’m running frantically to find the strongest of glue and the strongest of tape to hold it all together.But it’s falling apart, and it’s slowly coming undone on the palm of my hands. No amount of stitches and no amount of bandages could fix the irreversible damage to my heart. It’s beat is dull, it’s color has faded away, it’s no longer a beautiful and vibrant organ. But can you accept it this way? Can you accept who I am with all my pieces falling out? Will you continue to love me? Or will you laugh in my face? Would you mock me and tell me why I would show you such a monstrosity? Baby, I’m walking on crutches but I’m walking. My eyes and mouth are sewn shut, but will you still look at me? Will you still listen even if no words make it out of my mouth? Would you? I mean, look at me…I’m beaten up. I’m falling apart at the seams like a woman’s childhood rag doll. You can see mascara and eyeliner stains down my face. The remnants of the tears that have fallen down my face. Just one look at me and you see the destruction of who I was. I was destroyed. But yet, here I am. Here I am, with these little pieces of my heart in my hands. Arms are extended out towards you. Every broken piece of me wants to love you. Here I am, will you take me with each and every bruise on my body? Or will you just add another bandage to the punching bag I have become?